Friday, July 31, 2009

Featured Garden Spotlight: Vegetable Garden

For this week’s Featured Garden, I am highlighting our new Vegetable Garden. This Garden is located directly above where the Children’s Adventure Garden is under construction. Dan Simpson, a horticulture student with the Larry Selland College of Applied Technology, helped to design and construct this Garden. Dan and the Garden Horticultural Staff worked together to create a functional, but beautiful garden. No small task as the the Vegetable Garden needed to incorporate a 2,000 square foot pumpkin patch and enough bed space to hold over 1,000 annuals that are planted during the Flower Power school field trip.
Stroll through the beds and be surrounded by a rainbow of colors – yellow and orange marigolds, burgundy amaranth, pink love-lies-bleeding, yellow pumpkin blossoms, green corn stalks and much more!
The beds bursting with marigolds were planted by Elementary School children who attended the Flower Power school field trip this past spring.

A multitude of pumpkin plants are being carefully tended in anticipation of local preschool students visiting our pumpkin patch and selecting a pumpkin in October during our ‘Scarecrow Stroll’.
On your next visit to the Garden, take a moment to venture into the upper Garden and see all of the changes that have been taken place.

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