Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Snow

Our Head of Horticulture, Rod Burke, captured the beauty of the Garden after our first snowfall. I thought I would share a few pictures here.

Snow covered yuccas in the Test Garden by the greenhouses.

A cap of snow covering the vibrant pink and orange seed heads of the European Spindle Tree.

Another beautiful photo of the European Spindle Tree.

The Boys on the Swing sculpture in the Children's Garden.

Looking at the Rose Garden through a snow capped arbor with the Garden Cottage in the background.

The Lewis and Clark Native Plant Garden and Gathering Place.

The Princess Diana fountain in the English Garden decorated with Christmas lights and garland.

The beauty of the season is only starting. Beginning on Thanksgiving evening, the Garden will be aglow with color. Come out and see the beauty of the Garden for yourself and get into the holiday spirit.

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